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vintage baby knits

Normally, when choosing a knitting pattern, I don't really pay much attention to the gauge indicated in the pattern. I choose a pattern, I choose a yarn I think it would look nice in, and I calculate the number of stitches to cast on, decrease, increase etc according to my gauge swatch. This was exactly my pan with the Dangerous Dinosaur sweater from my previous post. Alas, it turned out bad... I had to cast on about 20 stitches less in the smallest size for my gauge, but I couldn't, since there is and intarsia pattern in this sweater that needs almost all cast on stitches to be made. So I will have to put this one away until my by is a bit bigger or until I find the right yarn.

This was a bit of a bummer, but then I had the best surprise ever: my second knitting book in the mail! Vintage baby knits by Kirsten Rengren. It is without a doubt the most beautiful baby knitting book I have ever seen. There are somanypatterns in there that I want to make, it's unbelievable.


Tada! I-cord aviatrix

As you can guess from the title of my post: my I-cord aviatrix is finished! Here it is in all its glory:

I am very pleased with the way it turned out to be. It fits my little one quite well. It's a little tiny wee bit to big, but he'll grow into it by winter time!

I'm delighted about the I-cord straps. Like this I an more easily adapt them to my son's head. Instead of working to 5 stitches like the pattern said, I just did one more decrease on each side, resulting in 3 stitches and I went along and made my I-cord.

This pattern was a first time for me in working short rows. I have made progress, I must say. I followed the instructions from a youtube video, to be found here, and did exactly as the lady told me to: do NOT pull your wrapped stitch tight. I didn't, turned and went back. However, I ended up with lumpy stitches, as indicated by the red arrows, when doing the returned short rows on the purl side of the work. In the next section, I tried purling the stitch…

Knitting (and) fun

I had heard about the Ravellenic games 2012 on Rvaelry before, but never really realized what they were. One day, a colleague of mine entered our office saying: "That website you visit sometimes about knitting has been sued by the Olympic committee!" Excuse me? I found out that it wasn't that bad, but the US Olympic Committee found the original games (that went by another name, combining Ravelry and Olympics - a name that cannot be named anymore) offensive to the athletes. The fact that women (and men) all over the world would be knitting and competing in it was found denigrating towards the sport athletes. Well I'm sorry, but what???!!! It was then I decided to join the Games :-).

At first, I wanted to join in with a few projects, and I would undoubtedly have found a place in "Team hopelessly overcommitted". However, I realized in time that that was not going to work out, so I only entered with a project that had been on my to-do list for a long time: an a…