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Normally, when choosing a knitting pattern, I don't really pay much attention to the gauge indicated in the pattern. I choose a pattern, I choose a yarn I think it would look nice in, and I calculate the number of stitches to cast on, decrease, increase etc according to my gauge swatch. This was exactly my pan with the Dangerous Dinosaur sweater from my previous post. Alas, it turned out bad... I had to cast on about 20 stitches less in the smallest size for my gauge, but I couldn't, since there is and intarsia pattern in this sweater that needs almost all cast on stitches to be made. So I will have to put this one away until my by is a bit bigger or until I find the right yarn.

This was a bit of a bummer, but then I had the best surprise ever: my second knitting book in the mail! Vintage baby knits by Kirsten Rengren. It is without a doubt the most beautiful baby knitting book I have ever seen. There are so many patterns in there that I want to make, it's unbelievable.

Downside: the biggest size in the book is 18-24 months, and sometimes even 12 months and my "baby" boy already wears a size 18-24 months now!

So i'll have to try to upsize - which is exactly what I'm doing. I took my swatch from the dinosaur sweater, measured up my boy and calculated stitches for the Oscar Argyle pattern in here.

This is my result so far and i really like it. My gauge was 18 stitches in 10 cm, but with the colourwork I'm getting closer to only 20, so fingers crossed that it will still fit in the end!

In between, I've made some crochet flowers and I love this little thingies. I'm expecting myself to be using it a lot to spice up baby stuff for girls - if ever there was a girl to knit for!


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    I loved your dinossaur sweater!


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