Knitting (and) fun

I had heard about the Ravellenic games 2012 on Rvaelry before, but never really realized what they were. One day, a colleague of mine entered our office saying: "That website you visit sometimes about knitting has been sued by the Olympic committee!" Excuse me? I found out that it wasn't that bad, but the US Olympic Committee found the original games (that went by another name, combining Ravelry and Olympics - a name that cannot be named anymore) offensive to the athletes. The fact that women (and men) all over the world would be knitting and competing in it was found denigrating towards the sport athletes. Well I'm sorry, but what???!!! It was then I decided to join the Games :-).

At first, I wanted to join in with a few projects, and I would undoubtedly have found a place in "Team hopelessly overcommitted". However, I realized in time that that was not going to work out, so I only entered with a project that had been on my to-do list for a long time: an aviatrix hat for my son. This is another free Ravelry pattern and I love the projects other people made with them. I joined "Team stash down 2012", so we are supposed to knit from existing yarn, which is good for me because I have a LOT of stash yarn waiting to be knitted/crocheted up. So, I found this beautiful Drops Merino Extra Fine in my stash in a nice, dark, teal color; This is my hat so far:

The best part is that it fits my son's head! wiehaa! The original pattern says to add a strap and buttons to adjust, but I am going to use an I-cord on each side, hoping it will mean my son can wear it longer, because the strap will be more easily adjustable.

Something very beautiful happened to me as well: I found a new knitting book in my mail box! Well, it didn't really happen to me, I ordered it; and I didn't find it in my mail box, I saw the mail man put it there and I rushed over to get it out! But you get the picture :-). I had ordered this book because it has some lovely designs for toddlers, both girls and boys. It is always easier to find girls patterns so I was pleased to see this book.

It's the "Designs for kids: hand knits and things" by Lucinda Guy. It's a very pretty book, with clear indications of yarn, quantity and patterns. The yarn used is Rowan, but I won't be knitting in it, I will be using stash! I have bought the book especially for the Dangerous Dinosaur pattern, and the Drops Karisma I have lying around will make it work colourwise.

I almost cannot wait to start this sweater... However, I have the aviatrix hat to finish, I am working on a Saroyan scarf for me (not mentioned yet), a hat for me and a sweater for me (however, it is frogged because I had knitted way to tight and the ladies of my knitting club advised me to rip it out and start over with at lest two needle sizes up - I have to find the needle of choice for this one :-) ). Anyway, frogged items don't count! So, once the aviatrix is finished, I'm good to go on the sweater. Right? Right. let's knit!