Tada! I-cord aviatrix

As you can guess from the title of my post: my I-cord aviatrix is finished! Here it is in all its glory:

I am very pleased with the way it turned out to be. It fits my little one quite well. It's a little tiny wee bit to big, but he'll grow into it by winter time!

I'm delighted about the I-cord straps. Like this I an more easily adapt them to my son's head. Instead of working to 5 stitches like the pattern said, I just did one more decrease on each side, resulting in 3 stitches and I went along and made my I-cord.

This pattern was a first time for me in working short rows. I have made progress, I must say. I followed the instructions from a youtube video, to be found here, and did exactly as the lady told me to: do NOT pull your wrapped stitch tight. I didn't, turned and went back. However, I ended up with lumpy stitches, as indicated by the red arrows, when doing the returned short rows on the purl side of the work. In the next section, I tried purling the stitch and the wrap through the back loop and this resulted in a much nicer looking stitch, indicated by the green arrows below.

So, I guess I can say: new technique mastered and new hat for my boy! happy days!