I've been completely neglecting my blog, because I've been completely neglecting my knitting because of a severe lack of time because of my new job! So, all in all, I'm not complaining, I love my new job (so far :-) ), it's just a pity that it goes at the cost of my precious knitting time.

Since last time, I've finished my Saroyan. I've made it in Drops Cotton Light, in a colour called grape. It's a bit lighter than actual grape, but I love it. I want to wear it always (and show off). Here it is:

And a little detail of the leaf:

My other projects are not getting along to well. Some people suffer from startitis: they don't know what project to do next. My problem is rather the opposite: start-too-fast-itis or something. My Drops Karisma yarn, for instance, was first a zigzag blanket, then a dinosaur sweater, than an Argyle sweater (indeed, I've ripped back what I had done last time, was way too tight) to now become a striped hoodie. Already, I'm starting to see some things that I don't like, but I'm trying to stick to the plan this time and do this pattern!!!! At the same time, I'm working on a dress pattern (if this get finished in, let's say, three years, that would be great), a star sweater for my M, a hat for me, I want to start some children's hats for my friends kids (Four, to be precise, have to be finished in a  month's time...) and a gazillion ideas in my head! I will have to stick to some sort of plan. But for now, I'm off to some housework...
Happy knitting!


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  1. Congratulations on the new job....and you are right to be proud of the scarf it is gorgeous. Then I clicked on the dress link, I love that, but I still haven't finished a knitted tunic dress I started last year, just the sleeves to rip back and redo, it wouldn't take long if I put my mind to it. We all have the same problem! Fiona x