Ta-da stripy sweater

Finally, I'm back on my blog! Have spent time abroad for work and been creative otherwise (we have installed our terrace and that was quite some work!). But now: back to real life, aka knitting!

I have a TADA moment ready, as I finished my sweater. I have to say that I once again learned the hard way that trying to be smart is never really a smart thing to do. Especially not concerning knitting patterns. I wanted te create a V neck, but it ended up looking like one big mess. So I frogged and knit as in pattern. Second caveat: after bind off, my son's head didn't fit through the opening! I had adjusted the pattern to his size, but didn't really keep in mind that the head of a 14 month-old child is still proportionally big compared to his body, and not so much anymore for 3 year-olds, where I adapted the pattern from. In the end I had to re-do the bind off and I used an elastic bind off knitting two stitches together and returning the knit stitch to the left needle every time. It worked great, and here is the end result:

My son fits in it, is happy with it and so am I!

On a down side: this sweater was knit bottom up, and I do prefer top down. My raglan stitches are nicer in a top down fashion rather than the other way around. Witness for this another sweater I did a while back, will show you one day!



  1. I love your sweater, and as Drops Cotton Light is such good value this month I am seriously tempted to try some...scrummy colours. You are too critical on your self, sweater looks great to me! Fiona xx


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